Spa, Tour & Activity Management

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Front desk staff can view and book iQ-Schedule events/spa appointments from reservations or guest folios, and clear notifications are displayed when a front desk agent cancels a room reservation for a guest with appointments booked in iQ-Schedule, allowing them to cancel the appointments at the same time.

iQ-Schedule helps your staff provide a higher level of service with tools like full guest history, which shows past and current appointments, as well as each guest's preferences.

Full integration with iQ-Point of Sale

Create items in iQ-POS for tours, activities, or spa treatments, and then easily bill to a guest's folio or group master account.

iQ-Schedule also has a group billing feature which allows a group of guests in the spa to combine all their charges to be placed on a single account for example.

Manage employee commissions and gratuities, plus e-mail schedules

iQ-Schedule can track multiple gratuities, and allocate commissions to each staff member who attended to the event as well as the ability to email schedules for appointments that require contracted employees as a calendar item for their mobile device.