Revenue Management

revenue management

With roomMaster installed, you have all you need to manage your hotel’s rates, based on availability, room types and length of stay, all automated to help you achieve more profitable revenue streams to maximise your yield.

Remove the need for front line staff to make complex assessments of pricing with automated alerts to the correct rate to quote, based on dates of stay (even day of the week), length of stay, market segment, or attached company or travel agent.

Powerful forecast reporting to make informed business decisions.

Premier edition roomMaster features our Yield Management module, allowing you to automatically adjust rates based on occupancy and time of year to maximize revenue while the Pace Booking Analysis keeps you aware of high and low-performing dates so you can take appropriate action, such as adjust your rate yielding to raise/lower rates or run promotional marketing.

Rate changes from automated yield are immediately passed on to channel management systems & iQ-WebBook so you never need to worry about a missed opportunity.

Premier edition also features ‘Guest Upgrade’ - allowing you to upgrade your frequent & valued guests at their existing rate (and rate code), while opening up affordable, easier-sold rooms for online sales.