iQ-Point of Sale – retail solution

POS - Point Of Sale

InnQuest Point of Sale (iQ-POS) is our full featured solution for clients needing a point of sale program for virtually any sales outlet: restaurants, bars, gift shops, marinas, or any other place you can imagine.

iQ-POS offers the same qualities that have made roomMaster so successful -- powerful features, flexible configuration, and ease of use. The ease-of-use is great when it comes to training staff, and iQ-POS is so efficient you can spend more time attending to your customers.

iQ-POS has been designed to work well on both touchscreen PCs and Windows tablets, so it will fit well into any environment.

Best of all, iQ-POS is tightly integrated with roomMaster. Not only do you have bill-to-room capability and “big picture” reporting, but you also can use the same credit card processing and accounting software interfaces.

Informative POS Terminal.

After signing in, staff can be greeted with a message alerting them to daily specials, important news, or guest promotions.

Fast and easy order entry.

iQ-POS is designed to work with touchscreen monitors and computers. Orders are easily entered with just a few touches of the screen. Items are broken down into various categories for easy location by staff in a fast paced environment and our modifiers are also powerful

Advanced features are easy to use.

Splitting bills, adding special requests, or entering kitchen messages are extremely easy with iQ-POS.

Powerful features and customisation are all possible from a touchscreen.

Whether your manager wants to make special changes to an order, ‘86’ an item, or even make changes to items or screen layout, most advanced functions can be performed at a touchscreen terminal.

Easily manage items for sale.

Adding, changing and deleting items from your menu is a breeze. Selecting an item shows all of the modifiers already assigned to the item, and adding additional modifiers is as easy as drag and drop.

Intuitive seating chart.

Create an overhead view of your dining space for easy bill holding and recalling. We provide a variety of seating icons so you can customise your space.