Online distribution

iQ-WorldLink is the link between roomMaster and your distribution network.

Keep rates and inventory in-sync and manage your hotel booking rules. This unique interface was designed with an open architecture allowing an unlimited number of connections to different vendors (GDS, CRS, PMS) at the same time. iQ-WorldLink is available with either the Enterprise or Premier edition of roomMaster.

You may already be receiving bookings from various internet services, such as,, Ctrip, etc... and most properties these days handle these bookings either direct or via a Channel Manager. Channel Managers are companies that collect all your bookings from the various sources, as well as distribute your room inventory, and then they send you the bookings, so that you are only dealing with one company, not a host of companies. The bookings are then emailed to you and you enter them into roomMaster. You also need to log into your Channel Managers site and update and maintain inventory and rates. Overall, this is a very time consuming process.

iQ-WorldLink takes over and handles process the for you. It is very easily set up on your server, and is left running all the time. Every 5 minutes, iQ-WorldLink connects to each channel or your Channel Manager, retrieves any reservations and puts them directly into roomMaster for you. At the same time, it sends back an amended inventory and any amended rates. This is a completely automated process and requires no further intervention from you or your staff. Individual channels and most Channel Managers will still send you the reservation via fax/email for your records. The reservations that come in from the Channels and the Channel Manager are flagged in roomMaster so you can review them and complete any final details on them.

Below is a sample flow chart, provided courtesy of one of our partners, TXA. The Basic concept is similar for all our Channel Distributors. You will need to confirm with TXA or your own Channel Manager as to which booking services they link to.

You get to determine the maximum number of days to include when sending inventory. For example, setting this item to 100 will send the next 100 days of availability to the Trading Partner/GDS. Leaving this field blank will default to 90 days from current audit date.

There are other parameters you can control as well:

Rooms Excluded - Enter the number of rooms from your inventory for each room type you do not want sent to the Trading Partner/GDS. This can be set up by room type. These rooms can be saved for local bookings or be ‘cushion’ rooms. For example, if two (2) is entered in this field, the Trading Partner/GDS will receive the number of rooms for that room type in your inventory minus two (2) rooms.

Exclude Rooms Types - This allows you to prevent room types from being sent to the Trading Partner/GDS. Enter each roomMaster room type you do not want the Trading Partner/GDS to sell into the exclusion table. "Meeting" type rooms are automatically excluded and do not have to be entered here. You can map and define the user fields that are sent from the Channel Manager, so that your source of business and segment reports are accurate.

If you want, you can also set up a Travel Agent code that you want these bookings recorded against, so that your Travel Agent stats are correct.

Which Channel Providers (trading partners) do we work with?

Please contact our team to check on the most current list of connected vendors

What to check with your vendor/provider - Reservation Rules: Because the bookings come into your provider from a wide range of booking engines, and none of these are looking at roomMaster directly, roomMaster does not distribute to the Channel Managers any reservation rules as setup in roomMaster. The exception to this is Premier which does send Closed for Arrivals and, based on rates, minimum and maximum nights stays. So, check with your provider that you will be able to set up restrictions on their web site for these type of things and that the restrictions will not be over written when roomMaster sends the inventory to them. Please don’t hesitate to call us if you have any questions about this.

What equipment do I need? You should be running on a computer that meets our minimum specs.

For a listing of minimum specs: InnQuest Australia minimum requirements.

You will also need an internet connection on your server computer that will be connected 24/7.