iQ-WebBook – Online booking engine.

iQ-WebBook is far more than just another booking engine.

It has been designed to help increase revenue and provide guests with great service from the moment they consider making a reservation, all at a fraction of the cost of a third-party booking engine with the benefit of strong integration to roomMaster. Technical support for iQ-WebBook is included with your annual roomMaster maintenance agreement, so you get the same great service from the same vendor as your property management system, all with no finger-pointing or run-arounds.

Take a look at our demonstration hotel using iQ-WebBook online

Increase revenue with a visual, easy to use booking engine.

The iQ-WebBook customer interface makes it easy for your future guests to quickly make reservations for your hotel with only two pages to navigate. Guests can see all available rates and packages for each room type, along with large imagery of your product with the Photo Gallery view.

iQ-WebBook has the added feature of ‘alerts’ to help maximise sales and increase guest satisfaction. Guests booking around the time of a special event can be shown an ‘alert’ with an opportunity to buy tickets to the event all while on iQ-WebBook. If your hotel is undergoing renovations during a set period of time, you can easily configure iQ-WebBook to display an alert about the renovations so guests booking during those dates are forewarned and not surprised when they arrive.

iQ-WebBook for Mobile & Tablet

Whether potential guests are viewing your website on the laptop, tablet, or smartphone, iQ-WebBook (and your hotel) will look great because of the mobile-friendly responsive design.

iQ-WebBook integrates seamlessly with your hotel’s website so it can have the same look-and-feel, with many customisable features to have iQ-WebBook look just the way you want it.

Integration to roomMaster

iQ-WebBook has unprecedented integration to roomMaster. Not only are roomMaster’s rates and inventory automatically uploaded to iQ-WebBook, but any changes in your rates due to yield management are automatically updated, too. Package rates where packaged items are charged every day are also fully integrated with iQ-WebBook to help drive even more sales along with the hotel booking rules configured in roomMaster, such as minimum lengths of stay and closed-to-arrivals dates. You can also provide the tools for your guests to start building their own tailored packages.

In addition to rates, inventory, and reservations, group blocks in roomMaster are instantly available for online booking, so guests coming for a wedding or corporate event can easily book their reservations online, too.

The roomMaster “extra fields” can be integrated with iQ-WebBook, so if you’re tracking information such as incoming flights, arrival times, or whatever is specific to your can be included with reservations on iQ-WebBook and appear on the reservations in roomMaster.

Easy to get started, easy to maintain

iQ-WebBook is a cloud-based solution, so there are no dedicated servers, static IP addresses, or SSL certificates required at your hotel. Our team will configure roomMaster to work with iQ-WebBook and show you the easy-to-use control panel. Your hotel can be up and running (and selling) in just a few hours.


The management interface makes iQ-WebBook easy to maintain and make changes. For example, if you have new pictures of your hotel, simply drag and drop them onto your web browser on the iQ-WebBook control panel pages. As well as providing you with instant snapshots on how your online bookings are performing.