From the team at InnQuest Australia on PCI compliance

When you log into your online banking you have levels of password, you are encouraged to change your password every 90 days and if you wander away from the computer for your own security the bank automatically times out this connection. The PCI Security Standards Council globally deems the data in your PMS every bit as important, you hold thousands of guest credit cards and a lapse in judgement on the part of your management would make that data vulnerable. Just this week in Australia, a large POS vendor had servers breached by Ukranian hackers, any business is a target and without the correct security and procedures in place the damage to your business and the subsequent breach of trust with your client base in immeasurable.

The most recent change enforced globally by the PCI is the auto log out/sign in after 15 minutes of inactivity so that the roomMaster program is not open when the front desk is idle. Whilst we understand this can be frustrating imagine for just a moment the flip side where the data is breached or the computer is hacked and you’re left financially liable, having to send an apology to thousands of guests who have entrusted their credit card information with you. Further, any business found non compliant may lose the credit card processing ability.

We now know that any PMS system which does not do an auto / idle sign out is NOT PCI compliant.

I encourage every business manager, supervisor and operator to make themselves familiar with PCI Compliance by going to Help in roomMaster > PCI Compliance and read up to protect your business and your guests. All questions can be answered by making yourself familiar with this new age of data protection.

End of financial year for all in Australia and many of our neighbouring island clients

End of financial year for all in Australia and many of our neighbouring island clients is here so it’s time to remind everyone about the need to print / pdf the ledgers which cannot be reprinted at any time but during end of day on the 30th June. The reports required relate to the three rolling ledgers and all of these should be set to automatically print at Month End. It is worthwhile during the course of today to check these reports for any anomalies, for instance;

  • Deposit report showing deposits for reservations prior to today
  • Guest Ledger report showing a number of desk folios which should have been pushed to debtors to be tracked
  • Debtors which are more than 120 days old

Please print directly after end of day today

  • Advance Deposit Report – located in Reports > Reservations category > second down, Advanced Deposits.
  • Guest Ledger Report – located in Reports > Front Desk category.
  • City Ledger / Debtors Ledger – located in Reports > Company/City Ledger category > City Ledger (Aged Balances) Report.

These three reports are perhaps already set to print Monthly Automatically but if not, please make sure that your team print these off. We cannot print them again after trading has begun for the 1st July.

Begin the slide into Christmas

It’s November and we begin the slide into Christmas so before it gets too close to end of year, I would like to share with you all news from InnQuest Australia and the advancements in roomMaster Property Management System.

We are delighted to welcome Marc Horner to the InnQuest Australia team. Marc has fabulous experience in the industry and well over 15 years using roomMaster in many roles which he will be sharing with many of you in the form of training, support or consultancy.

Version 16.5 has now been released, so if your property is already on Version 16 please ensure that the updates are run. These updates within a version should be run to keep you up to the moment with any new fixes or advancements.

Just quietly, the iQ-WebBook product is about to be released into the Australasian market. This product is a hosted internet booking engine attached to your website with the added benefits of;

  • Delivery of new reservations within 3 minutes
  • Multiple rates display for each search by a guest
  • Integrated with groups to allow group guest reservations
  • Full Package Integration
  • Easy addition of Add Ons to increase sales
  • All support provided by your team at InnQuest Australia with no need for a third party

As always, I encourage you to visit our website at on a regular basis to see what is new. We also offer the webinar library which is a wonderful resource of presentations out of the InnQuest US headquarters, delivered by the developers of the software and great for learning more about your property management software.

If you would like to know more about our products, our training resources and our team, please don’t hesitate to contact me.