iQ-Scan & PABX Interface


The iQ-Scan module allows your staff to scan driver’s licenses (US, Canadian, Australia, New Zealand, Israel Malaysia and European Union) as was well as all passports.

The information is automatically transferred directly into roomMaster as well as optionally attaching the image/picture to the folio for identification security.

Image options include face and/or full ID image, and managers can designate the different security options. The scanner can be purchased with or without passport scanning and is only compatible with scanning software which uses a certified integration format.

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iQ-Scan options:

Driver’s License: Name, Address, Sex, Date of Birth, License Number, face and full ID image to be stored - six for each folio.

Passport: Name, Date of Birth, Passport Number, Date of Issue and Date of Expiration, face and full ID image to be stored - two for each folio.



PABX interface

The External Posting Interface (E.P.I) module is used to connect roomMaster to external interfaces such as PABX systems for call accounting.

If you are wishing to connect your PABX to roomMaster you will need to make sure that your server (or computer where roomMaster is located is able to connect to your PABX (or external interface) via SMDR cable or IP address and port number. If connecting via cable, it needs to have been tested as it will carry readable information from the PABX or external system to the server so that we can process charges.

When setting the system up, we will need to know the various settings for the com port(s) or IP address used. You should liaise with your PABX/External System supplier to arrange for the cable and to leave us details of the com port settings. The same applies if the connection is via IP.

Without this we cannot interface the phones. We do not supply this cable, or setup the network link (IP).

If you will be using a BI-Directional interface, for opening and closing extensions, voice mail etc. we strongly recommend that you ask your PABX or third party software supplier to contact our team to check and confirm that their system is compatible with roomMaster.